Getting Started with Smart Home Automation

In addition to comfort and security, automating the home is the best way to regulate energy usage and reduce costs for heating, cooling and lighting. Home automation is taking center stage in home technology circles for its ability to let home owners greatly reduce their energy consumption without changing their lifestyle, therefore helping them do their part to slow global warming, as well saving them money.

Finally, home automation can be exciting! New innovations make home automation products fun and easy to use for every member of the family. So, take a look at all the products has to offer.


Smart Home Controllers are the "brains" of your home’s automation system. Theses controllers allow you to integrate various systems used in your home. The central hub can control security, heating and air, lighting, entertainment and other home systems simply and easily. A smart home controller hub can give you options for remote access through your smartphone. You could be out of town and still control your home’s tech devices.


The temperature of your home can be programmed and controlled remotely with home automation, helping you save energy and money. You can also be alerted when certain temperatures are reached, allowing you to prevent problems from occurring.

Smart Door Locks

Adding smart door locks to your home or business will make your property more secure and provide easier ways for you to control who can have access and when, without having to hand out actual keys. You could schedule your smart lock to open automatically at pre-scheduled times; such as when the kids get home from school, or when you arrive home from work.

Window Openers

There are many advantages to having automatic ‘smart’ window openers! You can open and close them remotely or automatically on a programmed schedule. Some benefits range from improving air quality in the home, to using your air conditioner less often which saves energy and lowers your utility bill.

Garage Remote Openers

Open your garage remotely with Garage Door Remotes & Controllers. Using wireless technology to access your home adds a level of security and sophistication to your home. A complete garage door opener system includes a transmitter, receiver, opening motor, and controller to enable remote control over access to your home.

Home Security Systems

Home security has advanced well beyond video surveillance systems, to where there are now complete home automated security systems. You are now able, with DIY (do-it-yourself) home security products, to combine systems throughout the home and get alerted when sensors are triggered. Not only that, your smart home security system can be viewed and controlled right through your mobile phone.

Smart Energy

Home Automation can greatly help with reducing energy use at your home! Your utility bill can be reduced tremendously! According to Energy Star, the average household spends more than $1900 a year on energy costs, and about half of that is just towards heating and cooling. By using a smart thermostat, you’ll be able to maintain a constant home temperature while also reducing your utility bill. Or you could have a motion detector added, to connect with the smart thermostat, then when someone comes in the room, it can be programmed to turn on.

Meeting Your Smart Home Goals

The goal of home automation has always been to make your home more comfortable and secure, as well as to reduce the time spent managing your home by letting your home do the work that you would normally do!

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