Smart Door Locks for Security!

Adding smart door locks to your home or business will definitely make your property more secure and provide easier ways for you to control who can have access and when, without having to hand out actual keys.

You could schedule your smart lock to open automatically at pre-scheduled times; such as when the kids get home from school, or when you arrive home from work. There are even smart deadbolt locks such as the Z-Wave, which you can assign everyone in your family their own unique code! You can even set it up so you’ll be notified people use smart door locks to manage their rental properties rather than using physical keys.

The smart lock controller interface will always give you the current battery level in the smart lock itself. With average use, most smart lock batteries last between one and two years. The locks come in various styles and finishes, allowing you to choose a lock that matches the existing hardware on your door or the colors of your home. They are also available with or without a keyhole so you can still keep a key handy for emergencies. If you decide to add more Z-Wave devices after your new door lock, you can have the door codes act as an activator for different functions such as turning on lights if it’s after dark or adjusting the thermostat temperature automatically when you get home.

No more fumbling with door keys in the cold dark of night! The Ultraloq Bluetooth-Enabled Fingerprint and Touchscreen Smart Lever Lock provides three keyless means to lock and unlock your home. The Ultraloq Smart Lever Lock uses fingerprints, keycodes, smartphones, and standard physical keys to provide flexible access and tight security to your front door.


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