Your Complete Smart Home Hub

Smart Home Controllers are the "brains" of your home’s automation system. Theses controllers allow you to integrate various systems used in your home. The central hub can control security, heating and air, lighting, entertainment and other home systems simply and easily. Home Controls product line has system hubs and smart home controllers from the biggest names in Home Automation and Security.

You can choose from a variety of controllers; security hubs, and all-in-one automation controllers to make your home smarter and safer.

DIY Home Automation Controllers

Building a smart home is simple with these DIY Home Automation System Controllers. Plug in the automation hub, download the app onto your smartphone, and begin adding smart devices to your home automation network. One of our suppliers, Home Controls, offers some of the best DIY Automation Controllers and at competitive pricing, along with compatible devices and excellent customer support to help you get started on your smart home installation.


FIBARO Home Automation System


HomeSeer DIY Home Automation System


Zipato Home Automation System


Nexia Home Automation System


Samsung SmartThings System


Applied Digital Home Automation Controllers


Global Cache Home Automation Controllers


Qolsys Home Automation System